Sunday, September 4, 2016

Earth to sky and all between, September 5 on 5

The time for the monthly 5 on 5 photo blog snuck up on me this time around, but here we are! Glad you could drop by - read on, and then check out the other blogs!

The days, hours and minutes of this summer are flashing by and I blinked this morning to find that the return to school is only two days away. So I settled in, slowed down, and spent some time wandering through the photos taken on our trip to Prince Edward Island in August.

We skipped and played in the beloved fields and woods where L.M. Montgomery wrote Anne of Green Gables, soaked in the sun on the island's breathtaking shores and ate SO much delicious seafood. But as I skimmed through the hundreds of photos captured on phone and camera, I noted that my photographer's perspective often seemed to pull the eye toward the sky. Sky obsessed, I call it.

But I ramble... so as the minutes tick toward the deadline to get this post published (!) I will simply present my chosen five.

(You can click photos to enlarge.)
PEI's red roads fascinated me.
My girl, Sea, sky, wind.

 Beach house garden - and a peek at the sunset.
Most easterly point of the isalnd - click on this one.

Thanks for spending time here today! Now step on over to see the heart-stirring images on Kris's photography site. From there you can click on to experience all the September wonder of the rest of our 5 on 5 community!


  1. Beautiful images! I especially love that last one.

    1. Me too, Staci. That was our last evening and I didn't want to leave the beach.

  2. Can I please just live inside your images?!?!

  3. PEI just got added to my bucket list. Lovely stuff!!

  4. It's so beautiful there! Love that red soil.
    And that last shot is perfection. Excellent!

  5. That sunset is to die for. Wish I could have walked those red roads with you! x