Monday, July 4, 2016

Summer starts here - July 5 on 5

Wow - it's time again for the monthly 5 on 5 photo blog! I'm posting from cottage country where internet is intermittent at best, so let's hope I can make this happen!

In 2008, a dear friend invited a group of us to a family cottage on the shores of Lake Huron, Ontario. Little did our four families know then that that lovely week would be the start of an annual escape from our busy lives. Always at the end of June as soon as school let out, it marked the start of summer for all of us.

Our children looked forward to those seven days all year. "Sister-friends" from babyhood, they waited to reunite at the cottage, and spent hours exploring beaches, playing board games and hanging out in their own bunky. The moms would go a little crazy planning a plethora of delicious appetizers and cocktails for the week, then would slowly wind down as we settled into Muskoka chairs to chat, read and catch up on our lives.

Fast forward almost 10 years and the oldest of our girls is about to head off to university. The youngest two will be starting high school in September and all are busy, as teenagers are, with their lives. Adding another facet to the changes this year, the magical cottage is being sold. As I prepare this post, we are in the countdown of what may be the final days in our little piece of paradise.

But we can't be sad. We are all together now in this gorgeous place. Maybe we will return, but if not there will be other adventures. For now, we are enjoying every beautiful moment.

Sister-friends in the cottage hammock, circa 2008.


Ever changing, the view from our summer home.

Pebbles and driftwood.

Serenity. Peace. Beauty.


Thanks for spending time here today! Now step on over to see the meaningful images on Kris McNeil's 5 on 5 photo blog this month. From there you can click on to experience all the July wonder of our 5 on 5 community!


  1. I need to sit in one of those muskoka chairs right now, drink in hand. Look at that gorgeous light! I'm sorry your trip this year is tinged with melancholy, but hopefully a new avenue for your gatherings will open up. Love you!

  2. What a lovely time you've had together all these years, so fun for the kids, building life long memories. I so love those last two photos, the light is so gorgeous, warm and inviting as summer. Thanks for sharing.