Saturday, November 5, 2016

Falling into 5 on 5

My monthly 5 on 5 photo blog nearly slipped past again but I snuck it in under the wire.
 Glad you came by to visit - read on, and then check out the other blogs!

This year, October did not live up to its autumnal promise in our neck of the woods. Unseasonable warmth lingered till the very end of the month with only a nod to Fall on an occasional frosty morning or blustery day. Because of that, the rich hues that we normally welcome were muted - more yellow, less burnt orange, more leaves of speckled brown instead of rich red and rust.  

You can see that difference in the following photos but my determined search for Fall colour was rewarded, though sometimes in more subtle ways. Light helped.

It always does.
(Click on photos for larger or sharper versions.)
It's ridiculous how happy these warty pumpkins made me.

What are these? Don't know, but their delicate strength caught my eye.

Light drenched.

Golds, greens, browns were still beautiful. The plastic bottle? Not so much.

He was more red than the leaves. Pretty boy.

Thanks for spending time here today. Now step on over to see the breathtaking clarity and detail found in Maureen's lovely photographs. From there you can click on to experience all the wonder of the rest of our 5 on 5 community!


  1. I'm seeing autumn all over these! And oooo wookatdat face! What a big sweetie.

  2. It was a strange one, wasn't it? We even had *gasp* SNOW here one day.
    LOVE that warty pumpkin too :)

    1. Very strange! Hoping for a typical winter - whatever that means. ;-)

  3. Your second photo, dried Queen Anne's Lace. Always a favorite.

    1. Thank you so much! My botanical knowledge is pathetic. ;-)

  4. Nice focus on those whatever-they-ares. (ooo... queen anne's lace - that siobhan is so smart) Lovely colours, sistah!!

  5. We've had the same too warm for color weather here also. But you've done a wonderful job of finding and capturing the colors of the season. And lucky you to have such sweet companion.